Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Silke.
Picture of Silke
I'm currently principal visual designer at XING SE a german equivalent to LinkedIn.
Before that I worked for the e-commerce unit of SinnerSchrader, part of Accenture Interactive. 

What my heart beats for is working with software in every digital way, in order to express creative ideas. Over the years I've taught myself how to code HTML, CSS and JavaScript + a little bit of REACT. I also love doing 3D Design with Blender and putting 3D stuff together for WEBGL. From time to time I challenge myself with animations in After Effects.

I also ❤️ being on awesome voluntary teams like for tech conferences, where I  was given the opportunity to design everything from website to swag: JSConf EU, CSSConf EU, JSConf Budapest and JS Unconf Hamburg.

In the rare occasions that we are not working on passion projects my husband, daughter and me love travelling, cooking, playing guitar, printing 3D stuff, installing self made watering systems with magnet valves and raspberry pies. :)

Silke likes going places

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