I have had the (terrifying) honour to design the new website for the JSConf EU, a labour-of-love conference to the JavaScript community in Europe.
The goal was simply to create a warm and fun design, that is very different from the usual rather cold and technical associations that come to mind when thinking of a program language.
Together with lovely @kriesse who inspired me and gave me the most precious sparing, we went on to re-design what was there before:

JSConf Design 2017. We wanted to keep the main colour scheme.

The discovery journey included a lot of tryouts, all inspired by memphis design patterns. We knew one thing for sure: we did not like straight lines of any kind.
Final Design
Creating memphis random patterns
Creating these patterns with illustrator took some practice and the magic powers of the brilliant sprayer tool. Check out the short video on how that works:

Tileable patterns

Briefing for humans/developers
Since the day I learnt enough CSS and HTML to build the design I had so easily put together in Photoshop (back in the pre-sketch days), I understood how hard it is to fill the gaps as a developer, of all the things the designer has not thought of. This is strong motivation to give a good brief, in case you're only in a designer role.
We want everybody to be approachable. That is why we love creating beautiful badges, that the attendees like wearing and some even collect them as they are specially made for JSConf EU out of quality material.
We only create the motifs. T-Shirts are live printed on site on demand.

All motifs were available for life silk printing on your own textile, that you brought with you or on shirts or totes you could buy on site. This way the conference can act more socially responsible and environment-friendly because now only attendees that really want a shirt, receive one with their favourite motif in their preferred colour.

Podium versions
The intro animation
The intro to the conference. A projection over 50 x 8 meters! (that's ~164 x 26 feet) with the help of the wonderful live:js people and the tremendous cool collaboration with generative artist Matt DesLauriers with programmed live webGL graphics. All art directed and inspired by Malte Ubl
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